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Saddle Soap and Its dangers for leather cleaning

Published on September 3, 2014 LikeSaddle Soap and Its dangers for leather cleaning Sign in to like this article 13 Comment Sign in to comment on this article 11 ShareShare Saddle Soap and Its dangers for leather cleaning Share 0 Richard Hutchins FollowRichard Hutchins Sign in to follow this author Managing Director at Robornes Engraving Thank you Richard Hutchins for this information. Can I use saddle soap ? We get asked a great deal can I use saddle soap on my leather jacket, car interior, leather furniture and handbags – simply put NO – here’s why. Saddle soap is made in many different ways depending on the manufacturer, but the important factor with saddle soap is the Lye content, Lye...

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What is Naked Leather?

NAKED LEATHER (being without addition, concealment, disguise, or embellishment) A leather with no surface, impregnated treatment of finish (other than dye) which might mask or alter the natural state of the leather. Naked leathers are valued highest by consumers. Soft from day one, does not require a break-in period! Hides up to 2.0 mm thick, dyed but not finished, so some tiny imperfections are still present. This is desirable to most people. Comfortable when brand new! They are more expensive because the hides must be hand selected for uniformity. Naked Leather is a term used to describe hides that are tanned and colored (dyed) but are not finished as you would think of. Since the finishing process is used to...

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