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Mens Leather Pants

Kanye Wesr wearing black leather joggers.

Our Mens Leather pants offer high end designer label quality at a fraction of the cost.  Magnificent quality at a reasonable price. 

For Leather Lover's Only!

Genuine smooth Sheepskin mens leather sweat pants, celebrity style, similar to the design made popular by Kayne West.    See our catalog under fashion leather all, for matching jackets, Tee's and baseball jersey's.  Mens leather jeans in 5 pocket and traditional styles. 

We offer consistent quality.  We  do whatever it takes to satisfy our customer, treating our customers honestly, with the respect they deserve.  If you want a different color then what we show,  talk to us.  All items are made to order so we can change color, measurements button and zipper colors and more.  Just let us know your preferences.

Available in sizes XXS to 6 XL  Big man sizes custom made. Additional colors available upon request. 


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