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What is shearling leather? What is Leather Shearling?

So, what exactly is Shearling Leather?
In essence, shearling is the tanned skin of a sheep or lamb where the wool remains attached to the hide. As Wikipedia explains, it's a sheepskin or lambskin pelt that has gone through a limited shearing process to create a consistent depth of wool fibers, giving it that uniform appearance and feel. Contrary to what some may believe, shearling isn't simply shorn wool – it's the pelt of a yearling sheep shorn just once through the specified process. Shearling garments are crafted from pelts with the uniform-depth wool intact.

Imagine a typical shearling pelt with leather on one side and closely-cut fibers on the other. These fibers have a remarkable ability to wick away or retain moisture depending on humidity levels, ensuring comfort at all times. While the wool and hide can be dyed any color you like, black remains a top choice for many.

Shearling coats possess an enduring appeal, having been worn since ancient times across Asia and Europe, and they continue to capture fashion-lovers' hearts around the world today in refreshed and contemporary styles.

You may be curious: what's the appeal of a shearling coat?

Shearling garments offer cozy warmth and comfort, even in the harshest winter conditions, which explains their popularity in chilly countries like Russia. A few years ago, after enduring an exceptionally long and freezing winter in New Jersey, I knew it was time to invest in an ultra-warm shearling coat for the next winter season. And truly, it was a smart decision.

Think of a shearling jacket or coat as a worthwhile investment. Purchase it once, and with the right care, it can provide you warmth and style for a decade or more.