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What is Naked Leather?


Understanding Naked Leather:

Naked Leather, a term used to define leather that is devoid of any additional elements, coverings, alterations, or enhancements. It is a type of leather that has no surface treatment or finishes other than dyeing, thus preserving the natural state of the leather. Highly appreciated by consumers, Naked Leather is incredibly soft from the very beginning and does not necessitate a break-in period. The leather's thickness can reach up to 2.0 mm, and while it is dyed, it is not finished, resulting in some minor imperfections that are desired by most individuals. These leathers are not only comfortable as soon as they are purchased but also more costly due to the need for hand-selecting hides to ensure uniformity.

Naked Leather refers to leather hides that have undergone tanning and dyeing processes but have not received the conventional finishing treatment. Omitting the finishing step, which typically serves to conceal natural blemishes in the leather, requires Naked Leather hides to be chosen by hand for consistent thickness, grain uniformity, and minimal defects. These unfinished hides are incredibly soft and evoke the look and feel of being "broken-in" even when they are brand new. Although not entirely free from defects, Naked Leather hides exhibit fewer imperfections.