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Like the style but prefer a different color?

You can choose any color or colors you want, for all our styles. Mix and match how you want it. You can change the color of the leather, the lining color or the hardware color (zippers and snaps),

Contact us with your color preferences, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Some special colors may require an additional charge, but most will not. This chart does not show all possible colors yet, so if you don't see what you want, let us know. We may have it or be able to get it. Additional colors will be added here when available.

We offer these images as a guide. Colors might look different depending on your monitor. Desktop, laptop or mobile devices may show the colors to you slightly differently. Shade can also vary slightly from one run to another at the factory.

Swatch Images

Lining Options

This section is a work on process. We plan to be adding colors here every week until it is complete.

Artificial Shearling:

Artificial shearling looks and feels real—but the environmentally friendly fur is made from synthetic material.
The style alternative is trending these days, popping up more in top designer brands and street style wear.

Faux shearling is way less expensive than real shearling sheepskin.

We offer these popular colors but other shades may be available if needed.

Quilted linings

Quilted linings are offered as an option for added warmth. Poly fill is available in 2 thicknesses. Thinsulate is considered "the warmest thin apparel insulation" available. In fact, when equal thicknesses are compared, it provides about 1½ times the warmth of down and about twice the warmth of other high-loft insulation materials.

Hardware Choices

All snap closure buttons are available in the same color as the zippers shown.