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Black Snakeskin Pants Mens | Knee Zippers

Size: Small
Inseam: 30

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Black Snakeskin Pants Mens for the Bold


Ditch the boring, embrace the bold. Turn heads like a supernova with these Black Snakeskin Leather Joggers from ChersDelights Leather. Handcrafted by artisans with over 50 years of experience in crafting showstopping leather styles, these babies are more than just pants - they're a statement.


Imagine the sleek snakeskin texture catching the light, the golden zippers glinting like captured lightning, and the relaxed fit that hugs your curves with confidence. Picture yourself the center of attention, wherever you go. Feeling the power? You should be.


But wait, there's more! These joggers aren't just drop-dead gorgeous, they're surprisingly comfortable. The elastic waist with drawstring ensures a perfect fit, while the breathable polyester lining keeps you cool even when the party heats up. Multiple pockets (including those cool knee zippers!), stash your essentials in style. Plus, the knee zippers aren't just for show - they discreetly prevent the pants from riding up when you sit, for all-night comfort and confidence.


Think you can handle this much awesome? We thought so. Order your Black Snakeskin Pants Mens today and prepare to unleash your inner rockstar. Remember, prompt, free worldwide shipping means you'll be turning heads in no time.

Crafted by masters, made for legends.

Style: KK021

Size Chart: Leather Pants / Joggers Relaxed fit

These are mens sizes.  Women should order a size or two smaller than their actual womens size













Waist not stretched


 27 1/2










Ankle opening













 35 1/2























Front rise












Rear Rise












Elastic waist allows waist to stretch 4 to 6” bigger than above measurement for a comfortable fit.

 Elastic ankle allows for it to stretch 2 to 3” bigger than above measurement

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